Things to bring to dance class:
-sealable water bottle (water fountain will be closed)
-yoga mat ( for younger classes to distance)
Sanitizer will be provided during class times
-Please drop off child at the front of the building. (Lobby will be closed for waiting)
Feel free to wait in car or do the Seawalk during class time.
-Pick up will be at the back of the building near side entrance
Please be on time for pick up.
Extra Tips for keeping safe:
-Have hair pulled back away from face (minimal touching face)
-Use bathroom at home before class time.
-Have a conversation with student about social distancing and keeping safe
Our Safety Precautions
1)  Dancer, teachers, parents, or anyone at home is sick it is enforced that you do not partake in classes until everyone has shown no symptoms /and or 14 days of quarantine. 
2)    Entry would be through front entrance –studio lobby will be closed. (parents if waiting please wait in car or stroll the beach) Hand sanitizer stations will be as you enter and directly outside each classroom and we will modify schedule to stagger arrival of dancers in and out of studio space to allow time to sanitize. 
3)    We are incredibly fortunate to have ample sized studios therefore to accommodate the 2m rule and hold multiple classes and we have HRV units circulating in fresh air. We will be reducing class sizes and splitting accordingly.
As we settle into our new “norm” we would like to thank you all for your patience and support during this time. Can’t wait to see you all !

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