What does my child bring/wear to class?

• Necessary dancing shoes
• Dance clothes
• Bottle of water
• Shoes to wear to and from class (different from dance shoes)


Does UDC offer competitive classes?

Yes. At UDC we believe that offering opportunities for competitions and performances is a key component in keeping students motivated and eager to grow. We are constantly sourcing out local events that will provide a unique experience for our dancers.


Can I watch my child’s rehearsals?

Due to the spacing in our studio, we do not often invite parents to sit-in on classes and rehearsals. It has also been demonstrated that having parents in the room can be distracting for the students. Our Little Tots may occasionally need assistance and guidance from their parents, therefore depending on the child’s independence, parents may be invited to sit-in on the occasional Little Tots class.


What benefits does dance have on my child? 

Dance has been proven to have multiple benefits for your child, including

  • helps develop coordination, flexibility, rhythm, grace, and balance and a focus on physical fitness
  • helps develop creative expression, self-esteem, and confidence
  • helps develop a lifelong appreciation and love for dance, music, and all arts
  • helps relieve stress and develop positive attitudes
  • helps develop memory strength, cerebral & cognitive thought processes, and strengthens brain activity
  • helps develop relationships and teamwork



Does my child need to practice?

In order to improve we all need to practice especially when competitions or shows are approaching. All dancers should practise at home each week and gently work on their flexibility each day to improve, build on their skills and achieve their dance goals. Ask your teacher how!



Does my child need to attend classes regularly?

It is essential that classes are attended consistently. If students frequently miss classes, it is difficult for them to catch up on what they may have missed and it is also difficult for other students to work around those who are missing. Dancing is a team sport like any other.



How is information relayed to parents and students?

We rely heavily on email and social media to get our information out! It is therefore important that we have your best email contact and that you please check your emails regularly. We often post on social channels with the latest news so make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.  As well as we have newsletter once recital season approaches. 


What age can my dancer start? 

We offer classes for 3 year old to adults, starting with our preschool classes to our Adult Dance Classes for  adults. We also offer private lessons, birthday party’s, dance camps, and more



Can’t find the answer to your question?

We’ve done our best to address all of our most commonly asked questions – but if you feel we’ve missed something or you want to enquire further, please email us. 




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