Hello UDC families. 

And warmest welcomes to our 23nd season.

Thank you for registering with us.

As we know we all have many concerns and fear getting back to school and extra curricular activity’s. Our biggest priority is the safety and health of our students and we will be doing the absolute most we can to keep our studio a safe place. Below will follow our safety precautions, drop off and pick up, tips, new families. 

Please read thoroughly.

First week back September 11th-15th



Things to bring to dance class:

-sealable water bottle (water fountain will be closed)

-mask is optional 

Sanitizer will be provided during class times



-Please drop off child at the front of the building. Please no parking infront of Sage Spa.

(Lobby will be closed for waiting)

Feel free to wait in car or do the Seawalk during class time.

-please do not park in front of cr hot tubs or sage spa 

-Pick up will be at the back of the building near side entrance at black gate

Please be on time for pick up.


Preschool parents:

-We have set up a drop off plan for our little ones who may be nervous about coming into class.

-Parents will sanitize with student at the front door walk in together to the studio where they will drop off child. Then exit through side door when class has started.

-If student is having a hard time in classroom we will text parent to come inside with a mask and come into the studio and help child get back into the flow of class.

-please make sure all cellphone information is caught up to date on jack rabbit so we have your direct information.




-Have hair pulled back away from face (minimal touching face)

-Use bathroom at home before class time.




Check our website for the holidays we will be closed.


What does my child wear to dance class? 



CLEAN indoor shoes that are good for your feet, like a sneaker you already own, clean off and carry to studio to change in to.  Outdoor shoes are not allowed on dance floor

Comfortable clothing you can move well in: 

sweat pants, leggings, pants that move well, bike shorts etc

t shirts, tank tops, hoody's


For ballet:

Dancer choice of color for bodysuit.  Pink or black tights.  Skirts, leg warmers etc. 

Ballet slippers.  Hair in bun


For jazz/contemporary:

barefeet/socks.  hair off face- ponytail or buns

leggings, tank tops, t shirts, bodysuit etc.. think something that allows bodies to move well 



What we are about.....

It is the soul mission of Urban Dance Connection to create a safe, judgement-free space encouraging growth of self expression and self-esteem.


Watching students find their unique talents and build friendships through a creative outlet whether pursuing recreational dance, competitive or company programming it is super important to us to make sure that the arts are handed down to the next generation in a postitive form



Thank you for reading this far. We cannot wait for another amazing season with you all. 



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